The Legendary Power of Medicine Stones

I found a piece of paper today with all different stone meanings on it. It is very interesting and I thought I would share it with you.

Agate – Guide to Mother Earth, Strong Protector

Amethyst – Stimulates Psychic abilities .  Protects against witchcraft

Apache Tear – Reflects flaws and aids in behavior change

Bloodstone – Reduces stress and enhances creativity

Carnelian – Protects against envy, fear and urge. Banishes sorrow

Citrine – Guards against negative influence. Promotes sunny and cheerful attitude

Crystal – Promotes patience and perseverance.  Aids meditation and spiritual growth

Hematite – Concentrates energy and emotions for balance between mind, body, and spirit

Jasper – Reduces fear and guilt.  Protects from the unseen hazards of the night

Malachite – Aids against depression and gives a sense of well being.  Reveals fear of change

Moonstone – Stimulates the senses and aids in self-analysts

Obsidian – Dispels negativity.  Protection for the supersensitive

Petrified Wood – Restores energy and protects against injury and infections

Pyrite – Protection from enemies.  Aids in problems with addictions

Rose Quartz – Helps clear anger and hurt.  Builds self-image

Tigers Eye – Promotes clear thinking.  Brings back luck

Turquoise – Stone of love.  Protection for travelers

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Pendulum Dowsing – Channeled through my Guides

Steps to take before pendulum Dowsing.  I was given this information through one of my guides one night while I was using my pendulum.  This is the way it was described to me, if you do it differently and it works for you then please continue.  It never hurts to try new ways.

Pendulum Dowsing

  • Choose a quiet place to begin dowsing with your pendulum and talking board. let people know that you would like some time to yourself and to give you privacy.
  • Light candles and choose whichever color candle you would like according to whom you are trying to contact.  A plain whit candle works just fine.
  • Wash your hands to rid of any bacteria.  Being clean and in light clothing is always good.
  • Always do a grounding meditation before you begin.  The best way I was taught was to picture yourself growing roots down through you spine to your feet and into the earth.  Then picture a white light coming from the universe and going down into your crown chakra. 
  • Ask Archangel Michael to shield you with a white light and to be with you throughout your dowsing session. 
  • Use sage to clear any energies that may be in your room.
  • Shut all talking devices off, have complete silence or light soothing music if it doesn’t distract you.
  • Clear your mind of any stresses from the day and have a positive attitude.  Please let there be absolutely no negativity during your session within yourself, and keep your mind still.
  • Trust in God and in yourself and never underestimate your power within.  If you see visions during your dowsing session they are there for a reason.  

Before I begin asking any questions, I always ask if my guides or angels are with me and are ready to dowse.  I also, which is extremely important, ask if they are from the light, and if they love the holy spirit. 

Always ask if the answers you are receiving are for your highest good. 

Love and Light

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Orbs in flight

I haven’t written in a while on this blog, I love the new blog page that Leslee has put together: Spirit Train Chronicles, please check it out!

I was hiking with my husband about a month or so ago. It was a beautiful day out, this winter has been very strange any good day we get we are out in nature.  I feel that we all thought about having no snow this winter since we got slammed in October, yes October and we lost lights for a week and Halloween was actually canceled.  It was unreal the damage that the snow caused, oh my goodness there were trees down on power lines, in the middle of roads, Fema was here in little old New Fairfield giving out water and food..

Anyway, I tell people that we were all so against snow (even though i do love it) that our thoughts pretty much made it not snow….you never know it could happen.

So back to the story…….we were hiking at Terrywille Park in a town close to ours that is known for its beauty, big fields, water and hiking, and has about 722 acres of land for the public to enjoy. It’s a pretty historic spot in town.  There is a mansion that was built by a Dr. William C. Wile in the late 1800’s and a castle, that is a bit farther away  (the castle is in very bad shape, but still very interesting to see) that was bought for the Dr.’s daughter as a wedding gift. The park’s mansion is used for weddings, parties, etc.  It is a very popular spot and people love to hike and just sit beside the water and the field. Great place to be while meditating.

When I would meditate after my kundalini yoga practice, I would imagine this particular field, I wouldn’t even try to it would just pop into my head. The field is a really good size and pretty high up with a lovely view down below.  I would just picture myself there almost in spirit, I would be floating around. So peaceful and beautiful.

This one day when my husband and I were there, we wound up sitting in the field and looking up at the sky, it was a very blue sky that day, with a few, white, fluffy clouds that were irresistible.

As I looked out at the trees I started to see little Orbs floating around.  They looked just like the orbs that you see when you take a picture.  Their were so many of them and they were small in size I didn’t want to lose them in my sight, it was incredible. I couldn’t look directly at them, but I was able to see them while looking in the distance, and they were right near my husband and I.

This was a very lovely experience and couldn’t believe that it was actually happening.  Then I saw them once again waiting for the bus to come one afternoon, not to long ago.  They were just dancing around enjoying being.

Aww the wonders of the unknown, the unseen.  It is all so in front of us, we just all need to stop, breathe, and look around in a non – judgemental, non – suspicious, non – believing way and big surprises can and will happen.

Blessings to you all.

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Indians, Shamans…….Past Lives

Past lives, have so much to do with who we are today.  I have been told by 2 different mediums about some of my past lives, including my spirit guide.

To  name a few I have been a Shaman, in a few lifetimes, an indian chief, a monk and a few where I was with my husband now.

I also knew my spirit guide that I speak with daily, Bill.  I knew him in his lifetime and that may be how and why he is my guide now.

Sometimes the guides we have are souls that we have known in a past life and they want to remain connected to us.

My guide was a slave in Florida, he was traded from Louisiana at one point.  Anyway, I was very fond of him,  he was a slave for my family, which turned my stomach.  He told me this one day while we had a channeling session.  I gave him flowers and he loved me, because I had been so nice to him.

I was with him in other past lives before that one as well.  It is so interesting to me how in so many ways it is all connected.

At one point my oldest son was so afraid of water, it was such a struggle to teach him how to swim, he did not want to get into the water. Come to find out he had drowned in a past live at a young age from falling off a boat and brought that fear over to this life.  He has now overcome the fear, with a lot of work on mine and my husbands part, and now I can’t get him out of the water at times.

Knowing that also helped me with his fear and I was able to work with him on his level.  He was also my husbands mother at one time, but that is another story……

Being a shaman in few other lifetimes, I was told to look into aura healing.  I went online and researched about it and now I am in a Chios Energy Healing course and I love it, it really resonates with me.

It is also just an amazing energy healing system that is fairly new and a little different then Reiki.  Not to mention the only thing that you pay for are attunements and that can vary with each teacher.

Another very interesting aspect to it all is sometimes it goes untuned with your age.  If you were say 30 when something that impacted your life very deeply in a past life, in this lifetime you will feel it at that age, you will either act upon something similar, etc.

I was, according to a medium that I go to every so often, Kimberly Bunch,  an Indian chief and I would sit near a fire with my rocks and sticks and feel such a connection to the earth.  It was at my age now that I was doing that and that is one reason why I feel such a connection to the earth now and want to get as many rocks as I can and learn about as many as possible.

One night I was laying in bed and I had a vision of the indian chief. His face came to me so quickly and I knew it was me in a past life.  I had been concentrating on wanting to see that as well, as I was meditating before bed and focusing on my third eye, the vision appeared.  I get visions here and there, but I don’t know what they represent, I guess it’s all part of waking up.

There are many hypnotherapists that work with past lives and they would be the best to go to.  The author Dolores Cannon is very good among others.

It is fun figuring out why this person means this to you or why there is such a connection with you and another person and you just feel like they are closer to you then some of your own family members. Well at one time they probably were.


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Signs That Go Unnoticed


There have always been different signs that would occur in my life regarding different things going on at that time.  I never paid to much attention to them, but knew that something was trying to get my attention.  We all have them and usually  just don’t notice it.

I was watching a video on You Tube with one of my favorite psychic mediums, Kimberly bunch, her site is on my links on the side bar.  Well she was talking about signs and omens in one of her videos. The topic was so close to my own experience that I felt like I finally received the answer to one strange sign that occurred to me in 95 that I had never forgotten.

I lived in a house with a friend of mine at the time.  It was a strange time in my life and a very strange summer.  The house I was living in seemed fine until one night, I was woken up by the bedroom door continuously opening and closing.  Then again the next night, it was the window.  This would happen every so often. Very weird and quite scary, but at that time it wasn’t really feel frightened by it, it was not to be afraid of, I felt.

Right next to the house there was a family of pigeons that were always on the roof right next door.  I enjoyed looking at them and listening to them.  One day soon after the incidents in the house, I walked out of the house and as soon as I was about to walk down the stairs a bird flew right by head and hit the side of the house and died right in font of me.

I freaked out and ran back inside, we buried the bird and that was that.  I felt weird like something was trying to tell me something, but I didn’t look into it any further and did not understand.

1 month later my dad died.  Now I knew he was sick, but not aware that he was deathly ill yet.

I still didn’t put it to together with the incidents that took place. Until just recently after watching her video Omens, reading the signs.  It all made too much sense, it was crazy that after all that time I finally get the answer to why I was experiencing such strange things that summer . She speaks of a very similar situation that happened to her.

Very informative this internet world we have here.  I hope to always have it.  I love learning new things and watching things fall into place.

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Dancing Leaves


In the year 2005, my brother and I went to see a firework show at the lake in town.  When it was over we wound up at his place of work, he had to do something there. We had to wait for his girlfriend at the time to come and pick us up. It was about 11pm.

It was a nice night summer out, no wind, not to hot, just right.  Very quiet too, we were on the main street in town, but it was oddly still that night.  At one point we started to speak of our dad and how we missed him. Then we each would tell a silly story.

We were in the parking lot waiting for Kathy when we both looked over at a group of leaves that were on the ground. They were gathered in a small bunch, all of a sudden they started to swirl, they were the only thing moving on the ground nothing else even slighty made a movement, they continued to swirl until they picked themselves up off the ground and were in a circular motion for about 40 seconds.  It was like they were dancing.

It was amazing and beautiful and we couldn’t believe our eyes.  I instantly said it’s dad and he was there with us in spirit. I just has that feeling, it was so strong….

I will never forget that and love how even when our loved ones cross over, they never really leave!

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Pendulum Dowsing Searching

This blog is so you can find some pretty cool sites all about dowsing with your pendulum.

When I first started using the pendulum searching for the best website was a bit daunting at times. Trying to get the exact word to match what I exactly was looking for, and then weaning out the sites that didn’t really help too much.

The first few I found were great,  the links are that one is very informative and has a bunch of charts to get an idea from.  I started with one of their charts and then started to make my own.  And one of the women on there, here name is Lori Nelson gives FREE readings,  I know awesome, right!  She is really good and I had one done last night via email and I was very happy with it.  She is very personable. go to services and read about what she has to offer and then go to contact.

The next one is right here at WordPress…Leslee’s site helped me so much, she has a lot to choose from and has some video tutorial’s. Enjoy trailing along her site!!

The last fab one was great dreams,  really all you need to know is on that site as well.

Well, happy searching and I will also be posting about how to use the pendulum more, right now my experiences are what I have posted.

Have fun!!


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Loved Ones In Spirit

When we dream we can connect with our loved ones on the other side.  When my dad passed away in 1995, it was a very hard thing to deal with, but I could always feel his presence.

One dream I had, I was in a room filled with people who I had never seen before, I felt as though I  was in the spirit realm and they were all spirits around me.  The room was little and had some furniture in it, a couch, few tables and an oven…..funny I know. The dream had a very wavy feeling to it, that is the best word I can find to describe it, like I was floating around, not stable. I remember I was baking cupcakes, as I walked into the area where the couch was, my dad was sitting there and he was smiling and laughing. I was so happy, I couldn’t wait to sit with him and talk.

I went over and sat next to him on the couch, he looked so good and seemed so excited about the whole visit.  I asked him how he was doing, and he said ‘I am doing great, I am happy’ then he asked how I was and I replied I was also good but I did missed him.  He told me he missed me too and he was so proud of me, and that he is always with me. We talked a little more and then I remember saying ‘I have to get the cupcakes before they burn’.  So I got up and went to the oven and took out the cupcakes….when I came back to the couch he was gone….I was so mad that I got up to get the cupcakes, but on the other hand so thrilled to see him and be with him for a moment.

Another dream I had (this is silly) he was on a bike with dreads and he was Jamaican, he was riding this bike all around the street and I looked at him and I said  ‘Dad?  Is that you?’  He turned to me and instantly changed into himself, it was weird.  He said ‘Yes, it’s me!’  He was again laughing and smiling away.  He was also like in that when he was alive, a very happy soul, loved everyone.  He would always find in the good people.

My grandmother ( my moms mother) passed away in 03 and the night before her wake I had a dream about her.  I was in the funeral  home and I was standing near her in the coffin.  I looked in the coffin and she opened her eyes and sat up and took my hand, she told me that she was happy now, and everything was okay, the angels came and got her and brought her back home.  She told me to always follow my heart and to do what makes me happy.  She then lied back down in the coffin and closed her eyes. When I went to touch her body again she was cold.

She was always around, my son saw her at the age of 3 in her bedroom in spirit.  he came out of the room and said mommy I just saw the old lady that stays in that bedroom, and I said yes that was my grandmother.  I asked him if he remembered that the other day and he said no, he is now 11, but he wished that he had.  She would also flicker the lights in the house whenever we would speak of her right after she died.

Knowing that our loved ones remain us is so comforting, but we still of course miss them dearly.  Dreams are one of the best ways to reconnect with them.

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Spirit’s Among Us

A close friend of mine and her husband opened an Italian restaurant about 3 months ago.  My husband and I went to see her new venture and to try the food one night on a night out.  We were seated in the back of the dining room near the corner of the room at a round table. The restaurant is shaped like a U, one side is the bar with seating and the other is the dining area.  All the while sitting there I felt such an uneasiness that I almost couldn’t enjoy myself.  Things felt off and out of balance.  I felt a heaviness come over me and thought to myself ‘well this isn’t good, here my friend opens up a restaurant and this may be the last time I come to it’. The energy was unbearable.

We were invited to go there around Christmas for the open house, and I didn’t want to go, I just felt to uneasy the first time and I had to let her know.  We decided to use my pendulum and my spirit guide Bill what the deal was with her restaurant… things also haven’t been going very good there. I asked only one question about the restaurant and Bill told me that my friend needed to give money, to be generous. We were confused since she is the most generous person I know.  Then he goes on to tell me about Nadine and she was there at the restaurant, he said that Eva (my friend) didn’t know her and that she was there in spirit.  She had died in the early 1900’s, so it was obviously a house then or something other than a restaurant.  I think the money had something to do with her demise.  I almost fell off my chair, that was the feeling that I was getting that night and couldn’t shake.

Bill let us know that she died there and not to go down in the basement, near the kitchen area. (We were sitting near the kitchen) She was buried there or something of that nature.

Bill said that I shouldn’t go there for the christmas party and to basically stay away.  So we didn’t wind up going anyway, which she completely understood. When I went to ask more questions about the restaurant,( I always ask Bill or whom ever i have contact with while using the pendulum if I can ask about ……., may i ask about……,should I ask about…..,important to always have respect when it comes to other people and their business) I kept getting a NO, so that was when we figured she better get the restaurant cleared for her sake and others not to mention the energy behind making money.

Come to find out our friend Barry that I spoke of in an earlier post also was told the same thing about the restaurant. He too uses the pendulum and is very intuitive and spiritual.   I had no idea that he had that information and vice versa.  Eva told me later that day because she was pretty much in shock that we both received the same information, that was all the confirmation we needed.

Barry resides in California, but travels at times to do lectures and teachings in Feng Shui.  He was in NYC 3 weeks later doing a seminar, so that was the perfect time to ask him to clear the restaurant. He agreed to do it. Timing is everything.

I was a bit nervous to go there, but I was in good hands, and was protected with the white light and asked Archangel Michael for protection.  You can really sense the angels around you when you ask for their assistance. You should try it to feel the amazing bliss and love that you can receive from them. Sit still for a moment close your eyes and empty your mind and ask to feel any angel’s prescence around you, your guardian angel, or archangel, whom ever you like, then imagine being around them. Try to do this each day, you will feel it just believe!

Okay back to the story, when we got there, Barry began walking around the bar area first, he cleared that area,  it was early afternoon so no one was there yet besides the chef and bartender.  He then went and cleared the area that most needed it near the kitchen on the other side of the dining room, this took a total of 30 minutes.  It was like walking from the light to the darkness, so strange.

Come to find out, Eva’s husband had a curse put on him many years ago and that was also what I was feeling. it brings in a lot of negative energy and heaviness.  The biggest part was that there is a funeral home right next door, now my memory didn’t serve me well at all that time, (pretty scary I’m not in the years of dementia by any means) I have passed the funeral home at different times, but I don’t frequent this town so maybe that explains it.

We walked to the back room passed the dining area, I still felt uneasy, but for the most part the restaurant was now cleared. and the only thing left now was the feeling of the curse, which isn’t going anywhere unless her husband works on himself. But that is another story.

All in all I haven’t been back to the restaurant, but will go again soon enough.  I do have to say that I was pleased about the confirmation of the spirit being there, and to be able to help out a little with the freeing the spirit to where they should be, back home.

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Void Of Course Moon

In this category of Void of Course Moon, I will let you know when the moon goes into void for the month.

The meaning behind the void course of moon is when the planet is in the midst of transitioning into a sun sign.  It could take a few hours or a few days.  The moon is in each astrological sign for about 2 1/2 days and at some point it will begin to transition into another sign in which it will be void, almost likes it wavering through space until the transition is over and it enters into a the next sign that follows.

On a Void of Course you don’t want to sign any contracts or make commitments to things, it likely will not happen.  It is also said not to make purchases on anything that is meaningful to you or you really need, you will most likely have to return it or it won’t work, fit, etc.

The void of course moon however has its ups as well, it is a good time to reflect on yourself and meditation is golden! Creativity seems to flourish at this time and it is a good time to break old bad habits.

Driving is also a strange one, everyone is almost in lala land.

Well this is definitely a time to just chill and enjoy the quiet part of it.  It is like the moon is taking a break and we get to feel the effects.

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