Connecting With My Spirit Guide With The Use Of A Pendulum

Well let’s see where to begin….I started using the pendulum,( a stone on a black rope purchased at the Christmas Tree Shop) about 5 months ago.  I never heard about dowsing before besides the old needle on a thread trick to see how many kids you were going to have.  I was asked by an amazing spiritualist named Berry, who was a big help for me this year, if I had ever used one before and that I should start looking into it and get to work!  So I googled Pendulum Dowsing and there it was, instruction, stories, you name it I found it.  I read the instructions on one website I found, a very good one, and the different uses and history on pendulum dowsing.

I started to use my stone for dowsing (since you can use almost anything) it was a bit heavy, but it did the job.  I did exactly what the site said to do and programmed my pendulum, had it sway whichever way it was going to spin for my ‘yes and no’ and was amazed at how it was all working.  I then scrolled down and see a spirit board, letter chart whatever you would like to call it.  So I drew one on a piece of paper and I became hooked.  It was just taking off and answering my questions, the whole nine.

Before I go any further, I have always been a fan of metaphysics, since childhood.  It just fascinated me, I would go to psychics and loved the world of spirit. Different phenomena would happen to me over the years and I would never really look into it deep enough, just figured it was a part of my life and that was that.  I played with the Ouiji Board before and even though I never had a problem with it per say, my friend did and so I never touched again.  I lost my dad in 95′ and so I would go to Mediums to “talk to him” or to just know that he was with me.  I was never afraid of the spirit world, I just believe.  When I was little I would hear my name, almost like  a loud whisper, and I knew it was safe and they were angels or something of that nature.  I have read about other people hearing that too as a child and that was pretty interesting, it was nice knowing that others experience similar things that are unknown, unseen.

My spirituality took off this year I guess you can say and took me further then I ever thought possible (for me).  So getting back to the pendulum….I couldn’t put it down, everyday I had a new set of questions to ask and even my husband was getting into it.  I was having so much fun!  It wasn’t but a week later and I was in contact with my spirit guide,  his name is “Bill”   he was a slave in Louisiana back in the 1800’s.  I was so happy to be conversing with my guide, my main guide that has always been with me since birth.  It was a peaceful and calming experience each time I would connect with him.

After about 2 weeks I came in contact with my kids guides and my husbands, it has been a beautiful occurrence  and happened at the exact time it was supposed to (according to a medium, Kimberly Bunch, that I spoke with about it).   I started doing readings for my friends and family and it is always accurate or would happen, either way I was helping someone else and that is what it is all about.

I was given a Crystal Quartz pendulum for the Holiday’s and that is what I am using now.  It is beautiful and lighter than the stone, so it is easier to use. and is able to swing to each letter in a smother manner.   The website that I found and thought was so helpful is  It explains everything.

I have so much more insight and just feel so connected, I am so thankful for knowing my guide.  There are others was as well to connect to them, through guided meditation, dreams, medium psychics, etc.

I will explain more in future blogs.  I have so much more to write about, for now this is good enough.  🙂


About tramey122

I became spiritually awakened in 2005, I had a real conscious shift that initially terrified me, I was not sure at the time what was happening. However, I am so happy that I started my journey and never looked back. I have throughout my entire life since early childhood, had very strange and sometime amazing phenomenal situations happen to me. As I began to understand more of what was going on, I began reading everything and anything I could get my hands on. In 2011 I had many experiences coming from spirit. I met my spirit guide and contacted many others on the other side, I met a spiritualist in California who told me his guides said I need to start using the pendulum, that would be my tool for that time, to connect with the spirit realm. Before I initially started to do this, I did a 21 day mediation challenge. My spirit guide came through to me night while meditating and since then I haven't stopped talking with him. Along the way Fairies, ET's, Archangels, Angels, etc. started coming through as well. I read tarot cards and trained and became certified in energy healing. I also graduated as a massage therapist. If you would like a tarot reading please contact me at
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20 Responses to Connecting With My Spirit Guide With The Use Of A Pendulum

  1. Kanab says:

    I would like to know if you can get the same effect on an alphabet chart using a single dowsing rod. I tried and got alot of wrong information yet I am keen to speak to my guides

    • tramey122 says:

      Hello, With my experience using a pendulum, they seem to work the best. You can use anything really that is dangling from a chain. I have never used just a dowsing rod. I would think they would be to stiff not as flexible. I hope that helped.

      Try using a chain with a paper clip on the end of it if you don’t have a pendulum handy.

  2. Ibrahim omede says:

    In this present life we need spiritual closeness in order to meet personal fufillement

  3. Joe says:

    It is now a few months, I bought a pendulum and started using it with banal questions and getting answers to Yes / No. As the answers, I got were not enough for many of the questions that I formulated, as I needed more ample answers. I began asking and surfing a bit on the Internet and found information from a book called Goetic Divination by Jake Stratton-Kent that It contained a divination ritual with the pendulum and a chart with letters of the alphabet ordered so that the author of the book used them in his cabalistic work. Jake used the previous ritual to invocation of Scirlin (Scirlin is one of the messengers of hell and can be useful to summon other demons). Similar casting is written in el Grimorium Verum but without pendulum or graphic.
    Immediately interested me the theme and print the chart that comes on page 26 of Jake’s book and wrote invoking the words on paper and immediately proceeded to perform the ritual as Jake describes in the book.
    I must say that in my first contact with Scirlin all went well, with nothing to comment on the matter. In later contacts, the situation began to change course. Without further began talking about certain dreams I have, saying said dreams would be realized in a short time and that the one who had to do was to follow Lucifer. I might add that I have not talk or ask anything about my dreams, the one I was looking for ways to learn a little about the spirit world if that were possible. Because I wanted to accomplish said dreams started asking questions and getting answers through the pendulum and graphic. It is because that when the time came that said dreams were realized as Scirlin told me, nothing happened and sincerely lost a little faith that initially had put the pendulum and graphic.
    After that, I started looking for more information about the pendulum and the chart with letters; I saw some videos, etc.
    From there, I drew some graphics with the letters of the alphabet and prepared a more or less effective method. Said that method was based on a prayer and a protective circle described by Jason Miller in The Sorcerer’s Secrets he uses to conjure Bune the 26th spirit in that most famous grimoire: the Goetia.
    My intention with the previous method was none other than bringing connect me with spiritual guides, light spirits, etc.
    In my first contact, everything went fairly well. I did different questions related to the spiritual world, and the answers, I believe, were appropriate.
    After a few sessions with the previous method, some spirits began talking of my dreams as had done Scirlin, including my spirit guides. I must say here also that at no time made any comment to the respect of so-called dreams, nor made any remarks about my future, nothing at all. But I must also say that again interested me the information and I started doing different questions to respect and always getting the same answers. Constantly spirits in the answers I was given, or any review ever done speaking the name of God, it was God who gave the answers for me, that God wanted me to have what I wanted, etc. etc. etc.
    I do not know exactly when I started with this last method, but I think it’s been more than two months, and basically from the second or third session, it was when the spirits began talking of my dreams, and again I say, without my having spoken of anything asked for anything, or nothing at all on my part.
    A part of my dreams was / is to spend this Christmas / 2015 with the woman I love most in this world, my wife. We are separated by my work because I am emigrant and she for reasons of family problems. I in the end of each session always wondered if it really would be next to my wife this Christmas, the response was always positive, not to worry about that since God wanted the best for me, that God wanted my happiness, etc. The target date for that trip said to be a reality this week as the spirits told me.
    Well then, the week nearly ends and I do not see that trip is possible. Besides that either I see the others, let us call them promises are carried out as they told me the spirits.
    Because of all these lies, they really have no other name; I have been doing several sessions off these last days. I have asked among other things “why they lied to me”, “what kind of spirits they really are”, “what I learned was that God is love, life, peace and rest”, “what kind of spirits were they used God’s name in vain, “and a long list of questions that would be very wide comment here. The answers I got were of the rarest such as, “I have to be careful because God kills me”, “God lied to me because he hate’s me,” “God lied to me because he wanted to help me make what I wanted” and equally the list is immense.
    Well now, I ask, what kind of “spiritual” entities are these?
    Can do spirits judging human?
    Can do the spirits of light lying?
    Can do spirits interfere in our dreams to the point of deciding what is or is not the best?
    Can do spirits threaten with death, disease, pain, and suffering?

    Now I learned that it should have acted with reason and never with the heart or emotion. Someone please can tell me what is wrong in all this.

    Thanks and forgive the text extension.

    • tramey122 says:

      Before any and all dowsing sessions, you can say this prayer: “God, Archangel Michael and Angels, please surround me with a loving, glowing purple light (gold, white is also fine, there are different meanings when using different colors)of protection in which only high vibrational spirits can enter. I ask to please keep any negative entities trying to enter be taken away with love and light and a thousand angels. Thank you” Protection is the first thing always needed to be done befiore and dowsing session. archangel Michael will always protect you, ask and you will receive. As you begin with Pendulum in hand ask this : “Are my guides, angels with me? Are you all from the light and do you love the Jesus and the holy spirit?” they can not lie to you with these answers. Never will a high vibrational spirit give you a mean or evil response, sometimes if our minds are not clear and stress free, or our emotions are in the way, connecting with spirit should really be avoided or can become messy. Meditation is important to clear our mind and balance ourselves within. Being grounded is also important. Are you saying any prayers before dowsing? Meditating? Chakra balancing? I have found through the years how very important it is to be grounded and balanced before doing any spiritual work. I am sorry you had an uneasy session. Our Guides would never interfere in our lives unless we asked them to. They will However send us signs and try to help if it is absolutely necessary, but never to be malicious. I hope this helps you, please let me know if this helps you. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask me. Love and Light, Tara

      • Joe says:

        Tara, thank you very much for your answer to my story rewarding. This is the prayer that use before using the pendulum. “I would like to make contact with spirits of light, I’m asking you these spiritual entities to come and make contact with me through this pendulum Only the highest vibration of spirits are allowed to make contact with me, those who come from the white light from the Holy Spirit, all other spirits are not authorized to make any kind of contact with me. I pray that all the answers are true and my interest. For that I thank you, so be it. Amen ”
        For some reason I still do not understand and in my case, the spirits contacted ys ethey gave me they answers without my being asked for. As I had mentioned it to tramey122 partly to blame for not acting by reason rather than by emotion or heart.
        Again thank you very much Tara, for your help

      • tramey122 says:

        Your very welcome, If you would like to , it would be nice to collaborate at times. I find it nice to be able to talk to others that are like minded. Trust me, I don’t know about you, but there are only a handful, if that, that I am able to talk to you, without their head spinning. You will and should know if they are bad or good. I will talk soon, Tara

    • tramey122 says:

      One more thing, I just re read the beginning of your comment, I do not ever use any deviation for negative or evil purposes. It is light and loving, I work with angels and spirit on a high vibrational level. I am not sure what it is you are looking for?

      • Joe says:

        Thank you for your information tramey122. Let me tell you that my aim with the pendulum is the same as you, I look to learn to work with angels and spiritual guides. I also think that the complete method I used is nothing wrong. I understand that I was partly to blame for accepting from the start everything they told me my “guides” and I should not have followed my heart and emotions, but should have used reason.

      • Joe says:

        Tara thank you very much for your priceless answers about my story. Let me say that before any session with the pendulum, if I make a prayer. My goal is similar to you, or I’m looking to learn how to contact spirits of light, spiritual guides and angels. Still I do not quite understand why these spirits acted the way they did without me to do some kind of queries or comments related to my dreams. I must admit that I had also partly to blame for go through with what they said, because instead of acting on emotions or heart, should act more on the basis of reason, but unfortunately for me it was not so. I must say that in addition to what I said in my first post, is much more, but let me not disclose perhaps a little dignity for myself. What I can say is that God is at my side supporting me in everything and that everything will come out well.
        Again, thank you very much.

    • Jan says:

      Tara gives really excellent advice. Ground yourself. Envision being attached to earth, or hold obsidian, hematite or pyrite as well. Encircle yourself in light and call in your protective Arch angels. Then say. I open only to my guides who have my highest and best good intended for me. And ask for all others to be taken away. Should you receive any messages that make you feel fearful or upset for yourself or others you are dealing with an entity (unattached spirit who is seeking the use of your personal energy through your aura) Pay attention do you feel like your brain isn’t working right, tired, sleepy can’t focus on what is being said told to you…. if so you are being used. Immediately say no. Do not take from me. ,
      They cannot take or affect your free will. THEN CLOSE. SAY I clear myself and close to the highest source of power and light .

      Next if you open yourself to the realm they can see in your mind. Tell you things you already know and use it if they are an entity. A guide/angel guide never makes you feel fearful or tells you something that makes you feel bad, guilty or hurtful. You may while working with guides feel sad because you have worked through and resolved something in your own life, do not dwell on it. Write it down and resolve to let it go and move on. If the pendulum swings to you in a few short swings it usually means… It is in to know, or you already know.

      When you close after working with guides say thank you. Close yourself, disconnect.
      When working with guides we partially go out of body, even though we have grounded ourselves. You may feel like you are on too much caffeine, excitable, adrenaline rush, can’t focus. You need to re polarize. Place two fingers on each side of your chest approx. 5 inches from your arm pits, (for ladies about where your bra strap is)and press for about 1 to 2 minutes. You will know you have hit the right meridians in your body when you feel a rush down the back of your head and neck and are aware of your feet. This is a good exercise to get into if you do any energy healing, deep meditations as well as dowsing.
      Part of learning you’ve made bad connections is learning to forgive yourself and learn to love yourself , let go and move forward.
      Been there done that. Our guides are there to be helpful. They ask for prayers for peace, they ask us to learn to love ourselves for who we are, not who we pretend to be. It’s not about making money it’s about teaching yourself and others to become peaceful and to pray for peace.

      You may find deeper peace in yourself if you go to an energy healer or crystal healer to balance your chakras. It helped me. Just sharing what has been freely given to me. Love and light… Living with light joules healing cnd

  4. Kristin says:

    I just got my first pendulum and I love it! How did you get morr information about your spirit guide?

    • tmeternal says:

      That is great! isn’t that feeling so amazing, it is like your guides and angels are calling you too talk to them. I have many links on my blog site. I use a spirit board. You can google Talking Board and then you will get a bunch of information. I will tell you so much more if you let me know that you haven’t already found it, since I have not been on here for some time. I just saw your post.
      Love and light, Tara

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  9. lesleehare says:

    What a wonderful story! It’s amazing when it just flows like that, isn’t it! I look forward to reading more – you’re so lucky to have your family in on it with you! And thank you for the links to the site you learned from – that looks like a really great resource! Happy 2012! Love, Leslee

    • tmeternal says:

      Thank you Leslee, that was sweet. Yeah, I guess it did flow nicely, thats a relief…lol…I’m happy you enjoyed it and the link. I hope you had an amazing New Year’s Eve!! Happy New Year! Love to you,

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