Sun Sign and The Planets

Astrology is one of those things that we all pretty much love reading about whether it’s our daily horoscopes, or learning about what our sun sign means and how it represents each one of us.  My husband and I live our life by it for the most part.  We write down when the moon is going to be void, when mercury is going into retrograde and so forth.  There are so many aspects to astrology that are quite astonishing, and complex, but so fun and interesting to learn about.

At one time the only thing I thought existed was my sun sign, come to find out there is a whole other part to it…..all the planets that make up who we are.  They play an amazing key role in astrology and I will do my best to explain it.

First things first to begin there is website (that seems to be the most accurate) called Abacus, all you do is type in your birthdate and the time of your birth and it will give you a complete run down on where each planet is placed astrological, which will represent ‘who you are’ and how you relate to the world, relationships, and so forth.

There are 12 different signs including your sun sign that have a meaning behind you and how others see you, how you represent yourself and much more.  The moon plays a big part as well, the moon represents your feelings and emotions.  Now this is all tied into your sun sign and every sign works together to form the unique self, YOU.

It is a little difficult at first, but once you get to understand each planet and what the meaning is behind it, it’s more comprehensive.  Not by any means do I know about all of it, it is very complex once you start getting into the different aspects of each planet, like degrees and conjunctions, houses etc….that is another story and one that a professional would know deeply about

The easiest way to break it down is like this, when we are born the planets have certain placements in each astrology sign and they all have different meaning and assist with the make up of each person.  That is how two people can have the same sun sign but be totally different in many ways…..sometimes to where it doesn’t make sense, but that is where each planet comes into play and puts the whole scene together.

I will give you an example of what a natal chart will look like after you type in your birthdate and birth time, it will look something like the chart below, except there would be an astrology sign next to each planet….. I just wanted to let you know what each planet represents:

      1. Sun-(the self, the conscious ego).
      2. Moon-emotions, inner self
      3. Mercury-communication, thinking patterns
      4. Venus-love, harmony
      5. Mars-confidence, self-assertion, ambition
      6. Jupiter-growth, prosperity,fortune
      7. Saturn-boundaries, limitations
      8. Uranus-individuality, discoveries
      9. Neptune-idealism,compassion
      10. Pluto-transformation,renew
      11. Ascendant-how you come across to others, your representation (you need your birth time for this)
      12. Midheaven-career, life path
After each planet will be your own personal astrological sign that makes up your whole being.  That is the part of  you as an individual.  Each planet has degree’s, that’s how the planet was aligned to each sign when you were born, that also has a lot to do with your certain being.  So your sun sign can be Scorpio, but your moon sign could be Libra and so forth.  A good website to learn from and look into is and the best one (I think) is Abacus astrology
This can be very helpful for you to learn more about who you are as a person and why certain things are the way they are. It can make things more understandable when you know the different aspects of yourself and others.
I hope this made sense, I took a long shot with this one…lol.

About scorpio1102

I am a Reiki Practitioner,Intuitive Tarot and Oracle card reader and clairvoyant. I have been receiving messages from spirit since a little girl and it has grown stronger and clearer through the years. I enjoy helping others heal through various ways and get through moments in life that feel impossible. If you would to book a reading click on my intuitive page. There you will find pricing and a variety of options. I also love animals and have such a passion for gorillas!! I love them, they are such beautiful animals and sometimes so misunderstood. I try to always give what I can to organizations that are helping them mainly in Africa through conservation. Blessings, Tara
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