Orbs in flight

I haven’t written in a while on this blog, I love the new blog page that Leslee has put together: Spirit Train Chronicles, please check it out!

I was hiking with my husband about a month or so ago. It was a beautiful day out, this winter has been very strange any good day we get we are out in nature.  I feel that we all thought about having no snow this winter since we got slammed in October, yes October and we lost lights for a week and Halloween was actually canceled.  It was unreal the damage that the snow caused, oh my goodness there were trees down on power lines, in the middle of roads, Fema was here in little old New Fairfield giving out water and food..

Anyway, I tell people that we were all so against snow (even though i do love it) that our thoughts pretty much made it not snow….you never know it could happen.

So back to the story…….we were hiking at Terrywille Park in a town close to ours that is known for its beauty, big fields, water and hiking, and has about 722 acres of land for the public to enjoy. It’s a pretty historic spot in town.  There is a mansion that was built by a Dr. William C. Wile in the late 1800’s and a castle, that is a bit farther away  (the castle is in very bad shape, but still very interesting to see) that was bought for the Dr.’s daughter as a wedding gift. The park’s mansion is used for weddings, parties, etc.  It is a very popular spot and people love to hike and just sit beside the water and the field. Great place to be while meditating.

When I would meditate after my kundalini yoga practice, I would imagine this particular field, I wouldn’t even try to it would just pop into my head. The field is a really good size and pretty high up with a lovely view down below.  I would just picture myself there almost in spirit, I would be floating around. So peaceful and beautiful.

This one day when my husband and I were there, we wound up sitting in the field and looking up at the sky, it was a very blue sky that day, with a few, white, fluffy clouds that were irresistible.

As I looked out at the trees I started to see little Orbs floating around.  They looked just like the orbs that you see when you take a picture.  Their were so many of them and they were small in size I didn’t want to lose them in my sight, it was incredible. I couldn’t look directly at them, but I was able to see them while looking in the distance, and they were right near my husband and I.

This was a very lovely experience and couldn’t believe that it was actually happening.  Then I saw them once again waiting for the bus to come one afternoon, not to long ago.  They were just dancing around enjoying being.

Aww the wonders of the unknown, the unseen.  It is all so in front of us, we just all need to stop, breathe, and look around in a non – judgemental, non – suspicious, non – believing way and big surprises can and will happen.

Blessings to you all.


About tramey122

I became spiritually awakened in 2005, I had a real conscious shift that initially terrified me, I was not sure at the time what was happening. However, I am so happy that I started my journey and never looked back. I have throughout my entire life since early childhood, had very strange and sometime amazing phenomenal situations happen to me. As I began to understand more of what was going on, I began reading everything and anything I could get my hands on. In 2011 I had many experiences coming from spirit. I met my spirit guide and contacted many others on the other side, I met a spiritualist in California who told me his guides said I need to start using the pendulum, that would be my tool for that time, to connect with the spirit realm. Before I initially started to do this, I did a 21 day mediation challenge. My spirit guide came through to me night while meditating and since then I haven't stopped talking with him. Along the way Fairies, ET's, Archangels, Angels, etc. started coming through as well. I read tarot cards and trained and became certified in energy healing. I also graduated as a massage therapist. If you would like a tarot reading please contact me at tramey122@gmail.com
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2 Responses to Orbs in flight

  1. lesleehare says:

    What a wonderful story, Tara! I hope you get to have that experience again and again! Lots of love and light, Leslee

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