Pendulum Dowsing Searching

This blog is so you can find some pretty cool sites all about dowsing with your pendulum.

When I first started using the pendulum searching for the best website was a bit daunting at times. Trying to get the exact word to match what I exactly was looking for, and then weaning out the sites that didn’t really help too much.

The first few I found were great,  the links are that one is very informative and has a bunch of charts to get an idea from.  I started with one of their charts and then started to make my own.  And one of the women on there, here name is Lori Nelson gives FREE readings,  I know awesome, right!  She is really good and I had one done last night via email and I was very happy with it.  She is very personable. go to services and read about what she has to offer and then go to contact.

The next one is right here at WordPress…Leslee’s site helped me so much, she has a lot to choose from and has some video tutorial’s. Enjoy trailing along her site!!

The last fab one was great dreams,  really all you need to know is on that site as well.

Well, happy searching and I will also be posting about how to use the pendulum more, right now my experiences are what I have posted.

Have fun!!



About scorpio1102

I am a Reiki Practitioner,Intuitive Tarot and Oracle card reader and clairvoyant. I have been receiving messages from spirit since a little girl and it has grown stronger and clearer through the years. I enjoy helping others heal through various ways and get through moments in life that feel impossible. If you would to book a reading click on my intuitive page. There you will find pricing and a variety of options. I also love animals and have such a passion for gorillas!! I love them, they are such beautiful animals and sometimes so misunderstood. I try to always give what I can to organizations that are helping them mainly in Africa through conservation. Blessings, Tara
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